Moisture Seal Body Lotion

Moisture Seal Body Lotion


A skin loving, moisturizing powerhouse. This lotion glides on beautifully and keeps you skin soft all day and long into the night. Sea Cucumber is a new breakthrough that is said to combat the signs of aging while the Lanolin seals in hydration. Your skin will thank you for this one!

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Avocado Oil –  Rich in vitamins, anitoxidants and minerals, this oil is somewhat thick, but is readily absorbed by the skin to hydrate.

Sea Cucumber Extract -  A new breakthrough that is being researched and is believed to help with collagen repairs and collagen production to leave skin smoother and wrinkle free.

Lanolin - A multi-tasker ingredient for hair, nails and skin.  Lanolin locks in moisture,  prevents water from evaporating and draws in water from the air.  It makes even the driest of skin soft and smooth.