Hands & Feet

Skip the expensive manicures and pedicures and get everything you need here to have your own mani/ped spa in the comfort of your home.

Hands are one of the first signs of aging.  Take care of them with our specialty hand lotions that won't leave everything slipping from your hands.  Keep your nails and cuticles healthy with our manicure scrubs and cuticle creams.  Our foaming hand soaps smell great and won't leave your hands dry no matter how many times you wash them in a day.  Again, what good is it to have the face of a 20 year old if your hands say differently?  

You won’t want to cuddle with that special someone if the sheets sound like they are being shredded when your feet slide into bed.  You can't play footsy with your significant other if you’re worried you might cut them while doing so.  Even if you’re single, you still should think about your shoes; you can't wear boots all summer long.  Break free of the worrisome foot problems.  Keep your feet looking fantastic and feeling good.  We have everything you need to exfoliate them and wrap them up with extreme moisture.  We want everyone to feel good about walking in the grass or on the beach barefoot.  Heck, we want everyone to throw their feet out the car window without the passerby's looking at you in horror.  Get the feet that get the foot rubs!