Body Moisturizers

Body Moisturizers

Kaja Skin knows skin. We have formulated moisturizers for everyone’s needs. Here are some interesting skin facts you should know:

Oily Skin - Too many of us with oily skin tend to use products that temporarily dry out our skin, briefly leaving your skin feeling less greasy. That type of product causes your body to produce more sebum (that makes our skin produce oil), which then leads to more oil. .Every skin type needs to be moisturized, however oily skin requires a different type of moisturizer; one that slows down and balances the production of sebum, and will not clog facial and body pores. With Kaja Skin moisturizers for oily skin, you can feel comfortable in those summer tank tops and strapless gowns without the embarrassment of body acne.

Sensitive Skin - This is such a tough skin type to deal with on a daily basis. We have researched, examined, and formulated specific products to benefit those of you with sensitive skin. We’ve ensured your body moisturizers don't contain astringents, abrasive ingredients, fragrances or essential oils. Simultaneously, we have added skin soothing ingredients like oat, aloe and an abundance of anti-oxidants. So to those of you with sensitive skin – we’ve got you covered.

Dry Skin - There are many factors that cause dry skin. All point to the equilibrium of the stratum corneum being off balance. For those of you saying, "What did she just say?" Here is what is: The lack of equilibrium leads to an inability of the skin to retain water and a corresponding decrease in the skin's barrier to environmental stresses. We have formulated our dry-skin moisturizers with oils that are high in fatty acids, which help speed up the skin's barrier mechanisms. We added hydrolyzed proteins that penetrate the skin. Also included are humectants that draw moisture from the air and bring it to your skin. Lastly, we added occlusive ingredients which trap in your skin's moisture. There you have it....body moisturizers that hydrate, moisturize and help repair your dry skin. In return, your skin will thank you with a beautiful, soft to the touch, glowing beauty!

Normal Skin - Your skin is....well, pretty perfect. But Kaja Skin doesn't hate you for it. We admire your skin. Therefore, we help you maintain it and keep it perfect. We made sure to not add anything that will clog your pores, nothing too greasy feeling, and nothing too dry You lucky ladies get the same great thought out formulations, with the same fantastic results....beautiful, silky, glowing, healthy feeling skin.