Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

kaja skin has made a decision to remove all glitter from our bath bombs. Due to the negative impact plastics are having on our ocean life, we have decided to start using sugar glitter. It is just a beautiful, but like a sugar scrub, it will dissolve in the water. we do realize some of you love to be sparkling after a glitter bomb and hope that you will understand our reasons.

  • Our bath bombs are water dispersible (meaning that the oils won’t float on the top. They are huge and leave your skin feeling soft, not dry and tight. With just the perfect amount of bubbles 
    and fizz you can't go wrong with these bombs.
  • Have a special occasion coming up? Maybe you want to announce the gender of your new arrival? Do it with bath bombs. We can make an all white bath bomb with an embed in the

    middle to give an explosion of pink or blue color. Do you want to gift some bombs to your wedding party and have them match your wedding colors? No problem. We can do that

    also. Whatever you have in mind, just shoot us an email at and we will customize something just for you!

  • Hate spending a lot of money on a scent you aren’t even sure you will like? We have a solution. Sample Bombs. These bombs are tiny and come in 4, 8 or 12 packs. They work just like

    the big bombs, but cost only a fraction of the price. You can spend less to find your perfect bomb with the Sample Bombs and then move to the big ones once you find your favorites.